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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Risa love me chapter 3

I go into her house. It is full of disneyland stuff. I really susprise

I ask"You like disneyland stuff?"

Risa say "Sorry for suspirse you. I really like Disneyland stuff." I see her wear the mickey mouse ribbon.

Then. I sit on the mickey mouse seat. I start to look around. Suddenly! Risa say that she will give me a present. I start to wonder what is it.

2 miunte later. She come out with a full mickey mouse dress. She jump on me.

I say "What are you doing."

Risa say" Don't be shy." She give me a kiss.

I get up and run to the washroom. My face turn really red. I sit on the toilet start to think What should I do when I go out.

20 miunte later. She knock on the door. I start to think oh no. This is bad.

Risa say" Come on baby!!! I know you can't stand for sexyiness."

Then. She jump on me.Risa really have a warm body.I want to put her off. But her hand is on my shoulder already.

Risa say"Take off is now."

My face turn so red. I pushed her on to the side and run of to the washroom. I run to her washroom. I start to be really nervous. Suddenly!!! My 2 of ex-girlfriends Eri and Ai is infront of me.

To be contiune

Made up story

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