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Monday, October 5, 2009

Risa love me chapter 1

Risa love me chapter 1

I just move to japan. My name is Alvin. i go into the house that I rent. The house have alot of dust. All the neighbar give me something as a present. All the present is some food or cleaning tool. I start to clean up.

After half day. I finish clean up. I take a walk in the night. In the park. I see a girl look really cute. i go over and say Hi.

I say" Hi, How are you?"

*She punched me on the face*

She say" you pervert." She ran away

I start nosebleed and i get some tissue try to stop the nosebleed. I think what did I do wrong. I really pissed off. Well. i go back to my house and go to sleep. I say to myself to work hard in school tomorrow.

In the morning 5:05. I wake up and get ready to go to school.

Today I get.

I get to school. My teacher Mrs.tsuji. I introducted myself and everyone clap. I sit on my table. I see a girl beside me. It is the girl that hit me yesterday.

I say" YYYOOOUUU!!!."

Risa say" I really sorry. I don't know you worry try to talk to me."

I say" It's okay." I smile at her.

After school. I walk in the hallway. But suddenly Risa grabbed me on to a side.

She ask "Will you hand out with me?" Risa put her hand on my face.

My face is all red and I say yes. We started a weird date

To be contiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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