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Monday, September 7, 2009

JunJun like Reina chapter 2(End)

Next day, I see Reina. She look so beautiful today.

I say "Hi, how are you."

Reina say "Go away"

I say" I jsut want to talk to you."

Reina say" Ok, What do you like for free time?"

I say" I like music, dancing and Singing."

Reina say" Awesome, I like it too."

I say "What music do you like?"

Reina say" DBSK."

I say "Me too. I like them too and will you be my girlfriend." She nobbed.

Then, We holding hand and kissed each other. Then go to shopping, watch movie and eat. After that. We walk to Reina's house. In the house, i see lot of cool thing and fashion thing. We just talk, watching tv and then sleep with Reina.

We really like each other. We will be together forever

The end

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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