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Monday, September 7, 2009

Extreme love chapter 6

Next day, I go to the gun center and start training. After the training. Hina being me to a spa. I go in to the spa first. Later Hina come in with a nake body and Hina put my hand on her boobs. My face is turn really red.

I say" Stop it please."

Hina say" Don't be afraid, come on baby, don't be shy on me."

Hina body is warm. I feel really hot and thinking of Sayaka. I tell her that I am going to change. She laugh at me.

Hina say" You need to work on this." My face turn red again. After this. Hina annouce everyone that I move to her house. I start to think this is not good. What should I do to run away and who going to save me. She suddenly kiss me.

I say" What that for."

Hina say" What are you thinking. I was trying to talk to you."

I say" I just feel tired."

Hina say" Ok... I am going to give me some bodyguard to protect you."

I start to think did she find out I am a spy. Hina say why do you look so worry. I say is nothing to worry about. later, She being me to a place. The place is like a warehouse. Then a guy being a bag. i see her poke inside the bag. The bag spill something like white powder.

I ask" What is that."

Hina say" It is drug. Want to try some." I am shocked.I say" it's okay, i don't want it."

Then, she being me to a club. She start to drink the beer. While she eat the whole bag of white powder. She tell me to drink it. I say No. Then, She start to go hyper. She sit on my lap give me a big kiss. We kissed a long time. After that my face is all red.

She fall at sleep. Then, I being to her home. After I get a call from Reita. I go alone. At first. The bodyguard say they go with me. I command them to stay here to look after Hina.

When I see Reita.

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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