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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Extreme love chapter 9

Next day, I wake up. I eat breakfast with Hina. We have a egg and a toaster for breakfast. It is really tasty.

Hina say "How is the breakfast."

I say "The breakfast is tasty."

Then, Hina being me to the warehouse again. The time I see lot of gun. After she check all the gun. She being me to the Airport.

Hina say "This is my father."

I say "Hi, Uncle."

Hina's father say "Who is that?"

Hina say "Hiro, My new boyfriend."

Hina's father say "He look cute. He fit you."

I see him wear blacksuit, glasses and he is the boss of this club. After we go back to the house. Then, I heard Hina and her father conversation.

Hina's father say " He fit you. But he look like he hiding something."

Hina say "I do know he hiding something. But I know that I am opening his heart."

Hina's father say "Well, ok. He look like child to me. This is cute. Nice choose. But be careful he might be a spy." I start to feel worry.

Hina say "No way. he will be a spy."

They walk out. I walk away. I walk to the TV room. Pretend I am watching TV. Hina walk up to me. She give me a kiss. Hina's father say we're going out for dinner. We go to a Itaily restaurant. It is pretty yummy.

I say "It is really yummy."

Hina say "It is true. It yummy. I heard that you don't smoke, drink, eat drug and you don't shoot. you are weak." I was sweating...

Hina say "I don't care. I love him."

After the dinner. We go home. We go to sleep. After they all sleep. I go to the washroom and phone Reita.

I say "We are meeting up."

I sneak out. I meet Reita and Sayaka, I hugged and kissed Sayaka.

I say " I only get few house and I have to go back."

Reita say "Ok!!!."

I say "Today, They get some gun and Hina's father is back. He testing me."

Reita and Sayaka say" This is bad. We have to pull you out."

I say "It is okay."

Reita say "No, we are pulling you out in next gang war. You are in danger.

Reita say "We will attack their warehouse and I know they will have a big gun shipped to them next Monday. They will come and have a war there and we will pull you out from there." I nobbed

Then, I kissed Sayaka on the lip. After that I go back. Go to sleep with Hina. I think how lucky I nevre get find out and I almost can quit and live peace with Hina

To be continue

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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