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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Extreme love chapter 10

After a week, Today is the day that I finally can have some peace. I see her packing lot of money to get ready for the trade. I pretend I don't know.

I ask "Where we going and what the money are for."

Hina say "We are going to for a trade for gun."

After a hour. We go to the warehouse. I am really nervous. It is time. I see Hina give the money to the dealer and he give Hina the weapon. I heard gun shot sound and I see them shooting at us. I see Reita and Sayaka. We start to find a way to run.

Then, Hina see me run with them. She being 20 man and chasing after us. Reita and Sayak starting shooting.

Hina say "you are really a spy traitor. Don't run."

I say "I am sorry."

She aim the gun at Sayaka. She shoot the ballet at Sayaka. I pull her over. Missed. Reita shot at her. But one of her bodyguard take over. Hina shooted at Reita's head. He die right away. We run and run.

After 10 miunte. We get surround.

I say "Jump down to the wather. This is the only way."

We jumed down to the water. We swim down 3 feet. Then, they start shooting down to the water. After 2 miunte. They think we are dead. We swim to the hide out to see the Boss.

Boss say "You guy can go. Here is the ticket to portland."

We get to the airport run to the loading area. The plane take off. We are so happy. We decide to live in a place call Seaside. A city that is in the coastline and a really beautiful beach that, It is a peace place to live. We live happily forever.

The end

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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