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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extreme Love chapter 3

I see the boss. Her boss like a strong men, wear black suit and a glasses

The boss say" You can join us and I give you first mission."

The boss say" okay!!! I want you to spy on our rival club. The leader name is Ai Asami. Get her trust you and tell everything you know!!!"

I ask" Will Sayaka come help me?"

The boss say" She will do something important. It is to ship weapon to China, Shanghai for me."

I say ok. Rge boss show me the apartmeny there have two guy. One named Umi and one named Hiroto.

Umi and Hiroto say" we are your informer and project you from getting shot and caught."

Then, One guy come in. He name is Reita

Reita say" you can tell everything you know to me."

Then, I walk into the club. I ask to see the leader.

She ask me" What being you here."

I say" I want to join."

She say "Welcome to the club, Cute boy." She kissed me on the face

She say" you will follow me directly."

I say" Yes Ma'am." I still thinking of Sayaka

After that. She being me in to a room in the club. She give me some beer. She suddenly give me a kiss on the lip. I am surprise.

She say" You look like this is your first time."

I say" Yes it is."

She say" Don't be shy." She rub on my chest.

After that. I go back to my apartment. Umi and Hitoro ask me how is it.

I say" She liked me."

They say" You are amazing, work hard."

Then, I go in to my bed. Thinking of Sayaka. After 15 minute, I fall to sleep

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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