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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 2

Next day in school. When is lunch. We go to school roof top and have our lunch.

She ask me "What lunch you being today."

I answer back" I being some sushi for lunch today and your rice look good."

She give a bit of rice and i give her a bit of Sushi.

Then, She ask" Will you go out with me" i nobbed.

After lunch. Back to class. Atsuko ask Is me dating with Erena. i say yes. Then Nacchan and itano say "oh nice, you are dating the most popular in the school"

I say" well, i like her a long time. So i decide to ask her out yesterday."

They say" You did a nice job."

I am brusing, They start to laugh at me and say I am shy. Well think of it, I am shy. But I am brave and ask her out. After school, we go shopping. She being me into a shop full of shirt and skirt.

She ask" How is this shirt and skirt."

i answer back" is pretty fit you."

After the shopping. I go to her apartment. We have a candle dinner at Erena house. We have a great time. i know her more. I sleep over at Erena after the dinner.

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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