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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 3

We get a little hoilday from school. So we decide to go to Hawaii... It because we want see the beach. in the plane. We eat, drink, play card, talking and sleep alot.

When we arrive. In the outside of the air port, we can feel the wing is fresh

Then,we take a bus to the beach. We both say wow, it is a very nice beach. We run to the water and play our water gun. After a while. We are hungry. We change our clothes and go to eat. We go in to a western grill restaurant. we order pork

I say" The pork is really good."

Erena say" I love the taste of it."

After that. I order a coke and Erena order a soda. After that we go to shopping. In the mall. We see a wooden guitar store.

Erena say" That store is look cool. Let go in." I nobbed.

We go in and see a really cool tutorial. We go in to the class. The teacher teach us how to make a mini guitar. We take 3 hour make it. After the class.

Erena say" I love your guitar. How is mine."

I say" Your guitar is better than mine."

After that. we go back to the hotel.

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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