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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Story of horror chapter 3"haunted house"

My name is Hitomi. Now I am telling how I get kill in a haunted house.

One day. My boss call me to look into haunted house to find a something to write out a topic. By the way I am a reporter. I go into a haunted house.

Inside the house. I really creepy. I feel their have alot of wind. I check out the basement first. In the basement there have alot of sad feeling in it. i wonder what happen here.

Then, i walk back up to first follor. The first floor have a picture of a old waman and another picture of a baby. Those two picture give me alot of creppty feeling. I walk to the kitchen. In the kitchen. I feel their someone use a knife to killed someone.

Later. I walk up to second floor. I into to the main room. I feel there have someone around me. But I don' know what. I feel scare. After that I go to the maid room. I check out the inside. I feel so much thing is around me. Later. I walk into the baby room. In the baby room. Inside have alot of cute stuff. In the wall there ahve alot is dried. Suddenly a there have a baby jumped infront of me. I was scared. The baby face is blue, no eyeball and have alot of blood. I fainted to dead... it because is to scare

To be countiune

made up story

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