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Monday, July 13, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 11

After the concert. We go to shopping. We brough alot of Stuff. We watch SKE48 stage. it was good. We went to check out the Osaka castle, it was so big and like a maze. We say "Wow", We brought so much gift for our friend.

After 2 week. we went back to Tokyo. I ahve to start working on my band new single and get ready for the world tour. Our world toru will go for 1 year. Aika is not going. So i will miss her so much.

1 year later. I finish the world tour. I really missed Aika. I ask her will she marry me. She say "ok". Aika say "I about to ask you". I say "I love you Aika". Then, the company say I can go into a long vocation. So I decide o rest for a while.

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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