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Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Generation chapter 9

After 2 month. They be really good friend. I see them talking about music in the classroom after school. I see they kiss. next day. They tell us they become a couple. We say good luck to them.

Next coule week. I ahve problem with Ai. it because someone tell Ai that I cheat on a girl. But i didn't not. I tell I get lie by someone in school.

Me: i didn't cheat on a other girl
Ai:Don't tell lie. People jsut telling me, you cheat on a girl
Me: The people spread out. It is want you to date with him
Ai: Don't lie
Me: I didn't
Ai: Prove it
Me: Do u see I talk to other girl? No, only you

Then everyone on the club say I didn't cheat on girl behide you. They saw it too. The guy who spread it. It is the basketball team member. They hate soccer team alot so they trying to do that. Then Ai say sorry. I say is o. Stay toon for more

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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