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Monday, July 13, 2009

Kanna and Airi gonig to handout 1 day

One day. Kanna called Airi to hand out with her for the whole day. They go to into a park first. They play alot of ride and have alot fun. They have alot of fun. Then go to eat.

After that, they go into a shopping mall. They buy so much stuff. Airi buy 6 shirt, 4 skirt, 3 dress, 6 doll and 16 single. That costed her 65000 yen. That get her almost broke. But she still happy that she got alot of pretty shirt.

Kanna buy 4 shirt, 6 skirt, 5 dress, 7 teddy bear and 20 Single, 3 album and 5 game DVD. that costed her 85000 yen. She still got 25000 yen. They combined they still got 50000 yen!!!

They go to watch 3 movie. They wasted 6 hour watching movie. Then they go to eat. That they still left 30000 ynen. But they still want to watch AKB48 stage. they left 25000 yen.

Then Airi walk Kanna back to home. Infront the house kanna give a kiss on Airi's lip. Kanna go back to her house. Airi think how much she left . She count it she left 8000 yen. She sit in the bed. She say is okay. I brought alot of pretty and cute stuff... Then, She went to sleep.

On other side. Kanna was really happy that what she brough today. But she think about how much money she left. She just left 18000 yen. She have to think how to save her money. Later, she fell at sleep!!!

The End

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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