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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My girlfriend Eri part 3

After Eri punch her. Risa say "Bitch why you punch me". Eri say "Son of my bitch, he my boyfriend now". I tell Risa to stop. Then, we run away. After we back to the apartment. Eri say why did you say you have a girlfriend before. i say 'I throught she understand why I broke up with her". She slap me. you should call her out and tell her that you broke up with her.

On other side. Risa is preparing a knife to kill of Eri. To get back Matt. Next day, we go to shopping. Suddenly I see Risa with a knife. We start to run. She start to chase after us. Eri. fell down. i come over and cover her. i end up killed righ away. it becuase the strike on my heart. I died right away. Risa start to swing the knife to Eri. The knife one hit chopped her head off. Risa start to chop her into piece. then she kill herself.

The End

Author: Mitsu
Made up story


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