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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shin the king of Dennou Remoe chapter 3~my fan fiction~

After last two release got#8, we decide to make a single call "Mellow", make a pv too and have another concert to get more fan, the single released. In ocricon rank, we got #1. In there is totally full

We are really happy. After we gonig to a metal single called"Bloody", make a pv like Dir En grey. Well after, we released the single, we got #1 again in ocricon rank, we happy like crazy. After that we first tiem go on Music japan, Music fighter and so much inter view to do. That why I got the name" Shin the king of Dennou Remoe".

Seem we got #1 two in a row, we decide to make our first album call "ASDR". We got #1 again Ocricon rank. we start to schocked because we think we will be #2 or 3. Well, we still really happy about it, I am happy that our fan so support us.

To bw countiune

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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