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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Akihabara Sheunendan Deuuon Remoe(Actually is Shin the king of Dennou Remoe) aruge for disband part 1~One shot story~

This story is after, We released extended(Type R+D). This short story of this story. This is little story between that. it because We went on a long hiatus. This is a between, the original story already pasted here, so reader know the end?

Let the story start, well. After they released it. We say we are going into hiatus. Actually we are arguing about disbanding. Me voted No, Aik voted No, Zeku voted yes and Atumaru voted for yes, so we started shouting
Me: I don't want to disband, The band is getting better and better
Zeku: I want to disband, i got tired of this
Aki: I agree with Shin, The band is just getting started
Atumaru: Yes I agree
Atamaru: there already alot of friend, call me to make another band
Me: i don't want to disband, Atamaru please do not accept, Stay with us
Atamaru: If you can win this argunement, I will stay
Aki: Ok!!! I bot agree with disband because you guy is the nicest band I never have!!!
Zeku: We will disband, i ahve another friend want me in the band already
Me: No, you are not quting, It because this band have a bridge future
Aki, I agree with Shin

The aruge stopped, They went home. But the argue will keep going. So stay with the Story, will they disband or not, pls stay toon

To be contiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story
Actually they disbaned right here, after Extended(Type R+D). But I want the story keep going, because I love Akihabara Sheunendan Dennou Remoe

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