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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Akihabara Sheunendan Dennou Remoe(Shin the king of dennou remoe) aruging to disband(final part)~My fan fiction~

Last part, we argue so hard, well... Me and Aki try to keep the band so hard. But Zeku and Atamaru try more hard to make the band disband. So we are aruging more about disband or not disband

Me: No, we are not going to disband
Zeku, Yes, we are going to disband
Aki: No, we are noy
Aki: we almost to top 10, we can't stop now
Me: Ya, we have a bridge future
Atamaru: I know. But what should I do
Aki: Reject all of them
Zeku: Don't listen to them, Atamaru
Atamaru: i don't think so, That we are getting better
Zeku: I start to agree now
Atamaru: me too
Me: We are not going to say we will disband
Zeku: YES
Aki: Yay, finally
Atamaru: YES

So the little story. End here. Yay, Akihabara Sheunendan Dennou Remoe is not going to disband. The story will still going Yeah.... and stay toon more... it will be get so exciting soon

The End

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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