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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shin the King of Dennou Remoe chapter 2~My fan fiction~

After released the single"refrain", we got #24 in ocricon rank. That is a pretty goood start for Dennou Remoe, We start to talk about what kinda genre, we will try for the future. After the discussion, we decide to do some Ballad, punk and hardcore.

Later 3 month, We released a new single called Physalis. The single have all kind of genre. like Punk, hardcore and ballad. We even make our first pv call Physalis.

We really happy about the first pv. In ocricon rank, we almost got to top 10. We say we are going for another pv and single to make the band stronger, so we make two pv in a row, 1 pv called endless waltz and other pv is call extrended.

We decide to make some various and 1 new single, release 2 single in 2 month in a row. The single called "Extended(Type R+D)". The various single is called Ura Kaizokuban Orgenshuu 03. In ocricon rank, we finally got to top 10, we go #8

To be contiune

Author by: Mitsu
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