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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shin the king of Dennou Remoe chapter 1~my fan fiction~

Hello, My name is shin, i am a visual kei star, I will tell you the story How I form Akihabara Sheunendan Deuuon Remoe and How I make the band si popular!!!

After Rhyolife is disbaned. I try to form a new band. After 2 week later, I find some people that there band just got disbanded. We saw each other at Akihabara. So we called our new band called" Akihabara Sheunendan Deuuon Remoe", Me on vocal, Zeku no bass, Aki on Gultar and Atamaru on drum, so Deuuon Remoe is formed from today!!!

we have our first live for our active, We sing alot of song, There have three song that will release on our single later on. The three song is Physalis, Lilac and 5th Luna...... After the concert, we start to make our first single called "Refrain"

To be countiue

Author by Mitsu
Made up story

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