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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love Generation chapter 6~My created story~

Last chapter. We are talking about Nami want a date want a date with Neij, I tell you that Nami will have 70% fail right. After three week. Nami try to talk to Neij. But Neij being so cool. But that day, they talk a long time. After a while. Nami ask"will you be my boyfriend". Neij say"Uh, No I don't really like you. i jsut want to be friend with you".

Nami really hurt. Poor Nami. ichigo come in and slap neij. Then Neji laugh and us. What a stupid gang call "Love Gneration". We are really pissed off. We say trust you as a friend. It's all fake". Then we start to beat him up.

After that. we get in trouble, the teacher really angry. But he jsut pulished to clean the whole school. That second smallest publishment in school. we finished at 6:00 pm. we saw Nami. Nami si crying so hard.

We try to calm her down. But she feel really sad. Start to run, run and run. She run to the school roof. I ask her what are you doing. nami say I want to die, Just let me die please. Then she say tell her mom that don't be so sad, After she hurt the news. Then she jumped down. Sje died right away. This is our big fail. We won't forget what happen today. Stay toon for more

To be contiune

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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