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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Generation chapter 5~My created story~

Last chapter, we talking about the story how Naruto try to date Ai. After 2 day. They really like each other. I saw them talking. suddenly Naruto show give her a flower and ask will Ai date with Naruto. Ai whole face is red and say "yes". Then, they start to date.... Our new stragies is working

After 2 day. There have a pair ask will us let them join.. Their name is kago Sasuke and Ono Yuko. we say"Of course, you can join". well, we got 3 pair as our member now. Our club is growing stronger. Well, we hope the whole school will be in love. But is reallu hard to do. But we will try our best.

After a few day. There have a girl come in...... Her name is Kamei Nami. She liked a boy call Okai neji. well, seem is a girl. we just tell her to try to talk to him. One day, Nami see Neji. She walk by and ask" can i sit here". neji say "yes". Neji say "why is your face is all red"? She say "Is nothing". Neji say "Do you like me"? Nami say" Uh, No. But we can be friend". Neji say" of course, you sure you don't like me. Next day. She show Neji to the whole gang of the club. Stay toon for enxt chapter. if it be success or fail. my clue is she have 70% fail.

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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