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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Generation chapter 4~My created story~

Last chapter. We talk how Erena and sayumi meet with kiba and Ruki. This time we will talk about how the end...... After a month. They starting to feel the of each ohter. One day, Sayumi fell down. Ruki come in help her up, sayumi say"thanks" to Ruki. Then, Sayumi ask "will you be my boyfriend"? Ruki say"Uh, ok, i like you too". After that, they kissed.

Now, is Erena turn. Will she success. One day, Erena watching cloud with kiba. She see a heart shape cloud. She say"is that cloud pretty"? Kiba say"yes, it is really pretty"!!!! Erena ask "will you be my boyfriend". Kiba say "Yes. i want to be you to be my girlfriend so long time, I am about to ask that". After that, thsoe two face is all red.

Next day. The gang is decide to make a secret club call "Love generation". We totally agree, we try to make everyone date in school and match every pair. We totally agreed, So Love generation club is formed today. Next day, there have a pair come in. Their name is Kusumi Ryoma and Mitsui Hitomi. They say they want to join us. We say "yes". This is our first member.

After tow week. There have a boy call Fukuda Naruto come in and ask for advise to chase after a girl name call oshima Ai. We trying something new this time. At frist I tell him the same trick and then when you talk to her try to be romanatic.

Then naruto see Ai sittin in a bus. He ask can he sit beside Ai. Then naruto ask"Will we be friend". Ai say "why you ask that, Anyway. i guess sure". naruto say"I tell you a joke". Naruto really got Ai laugh so hard. After the joke. He play a magic trick. he show his hand don't have anything, second he put his hand in the back. put it in the front, there have a flower and give it to Ai, Ai really happy.

later. naruto walked home with Ai. In Ai's house front they say goodbye and Naruto give her a kiss. Ai was susprise. Then run back to her home. After Naruto is gone. Ai face is all red. Will Naruto be sucess? please stay toon for more!!!

Author by: Mitsu
Made up story

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