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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Generation chapter 3~my created story~

Last chapter. we talk about. How Kira want get sakura as his girlfriend. is it will be success or not? I will tell you in this chapter!!! After 1 week and a half!!! Sakura and Kira start to really like each other. We trying match those two up!!!

One day, they are talking about a video game called "Super galaxy warrior". They really have fun with the talking talking about it, they really talking a lnog time about the game. They laugh so much.Then Kira ask" Will you be my girlfriend"? Kira start to seem nervous.... Sakura say "Of course, I starting to like you alot". From that day on. Those two is the member of "Love Generation"!!!

After awhile. There two gril come in and ask for help. They ask how to get the boy named Tanaka Ruki and Natsyuki Kiba as their boyfriend. oh, i forget to tell the girl name, their name is Tonomi Sayumi and Takahashi Erena

Our adveis is still the same, try to find a chance to talk to the boy you like..... Well. One day, sayumi see Ruki alone in bus stop. sayumi first say"Hi" with a really red face. Then Ruki say"Hi" back and ask about why her face so red,Sayumi say"is nothing". Sayumi ask"will you be my friend". Ruki answer her back with a "Yes"!!! Next day, Sayumi introucted the gna g to Ruki. Well, we getting alone so well, Now let talk what happen to Erena!!!

Erena see kiba sitting in a park watching up the sky. Erena ask can she sit with Kiba. Kiba say"Yes". First Erena ask why you looking at the sky, Kiba answer back "Do u think the sky is blue and is have so many cloud, is it beautiful"? Erena say" It is pretty, I understand now", Then, Erena ask Kiba will they be good friend. kiba totally say I will be a good friend with Erena. it because he think that Erena is the only one understand him!!! Then next day, Erena Introuct the Love generation gang to kiba. They become really good so fast. Will tehy success or not, Stay toon for next chapter!!!

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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