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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Generation chapter 2~My created story~

Few month later. me and Ichigo become good friend with their dream girl. We all know each other. one day, I ask Ai out"will you be my girlfriend", Ai say"Yes". Then Ichigo and Misa heard it. Misa ask out too' will you be my boyfriend". ichigo face got so red, then say "Yes sure. it because I liked you a long time. The love generation have begin.

Next day. in school we eating together. Then people ask us. Ami i dating with Ai. i say"yes". Every girl say"No, you dating already". I say" I really like Ai a long time. So I must date with her". Everyone of Ichigo's fan is susprise too. But after that they understand

After finish eating, there have a guy name is Hyuga kira. he asking how to chase after a girl. it because He tell us that you tow is the first one dating in school. So he want the girl he like. His dream girl name is Niigaki sakura. We teach him that to find a chance to talk to her and know what she like. He tell me that she like playing sport and she is the cptain of girl volleyball team.

So one day. kira see her alone in the class. Go in and say "Hi" to sakura. She say"hi" back. She ask "what kinda stuff you like, kira say"I like reading and playing video game". kira ask "what do u like', she say" i like playing volleyball and video game"Kira ask"will we be friend"? She say 'of course, we can". So they become friend. Then, kira introducted us to Sakura. Sakura ask us are you the first to pair in school". We say "Yes", Sakura say:Uh, ok". Is Kira going to get to be sakura boyfriend? Please stay toon

to be contiune

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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