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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Generation Chapter 1~My created story~

Hello!!! My name is Uzumaki Shin. I am a 2 year junior high student. In the school, i am a pretty sport kinda person. I am the captain of the soccer team. I am a really popular in the school. Alot of girl like me!!! But I only like one girl. Her name is Maeda Ai.

Well!!! I trying so hard to talk to her. But I am really shy. So I am trying to don't be shy on her, I know she like reading and watching soccer. So I really have to talk to her, One day... I see her in the school roof. i come sit beside her and say"Hi", she say "Hi" back to me. I ask her, what do her like? She say she like reading, go on internet and watching soccer. She say that, she is a fan of me. i got so red..... Then I ask her " will we be friend?", her face turn so red and say "Yes, o course". So we become freind

Now is time. Talk about my best friend call Uchida Ichigo. Why I talk about him. it because we will make the lvoe generation spread in the school. ichigo is not kind of sport person like me. He like reading and play Go. he is the captain of school Go team. He is a really somart person!!!

He like a girl named Akimoto Misa. Well, Misa is a kind of girl that like playing tennis and love watching people playing Go. Those two will start the love generation with us!!!

One day, He go ask for sitting eat lunch with her on purpose. he say "Hi". Misa say"Hi" back. Then Misa ask" Are you the Go team captain?", Ichigo say"Yes". She say I love watching Go". Ichigo say"you like Go too, Nice to meet you". She say"nice to meet you too". Then they become good friend. The story of Love generation is starting on next chapter. please stay toon

To bo contiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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