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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have a date with Risa my short stroy~my fan fiction~

Well, this is a really short story about I got a date with Risa.... One day, I see Risa. then I ask her will you go out and play for a day... Risa say"are you buying? if it I will go", I say "Yes, I paying for you...", Risa say"I am going with you for sure..."

First we go to. Take picture.... we take alot of picture. After that, we went to shopping, She buy a Cute ribbon, some manga and a really cute dress... and that cost me 15200 yen... then we watched 4 movie... that wasted 9 hour, cost me not a lot, it just 2000 yen.... after that.... we go to eat ice cream, we eat alot of ice-cream, i just cost 7600 yen....

Then we go home.... I got her to home... when we say "bye".... She say "Thanks you for buying stuff for me and Kissed me ^ ^". In the way I walk home, my face crazily red, after I go home. I went to sleep....

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