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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Story of horror chapter 2 "House of dead"

Hello, My name is Shin. I will tell you a house full of murder cases and dead body. One day, I heard recently there have alot of murder case in the house of mystery. But I don't really care. But I do curious. one day, few of my classmate tell me to go into the house.

I slient for a few second. I say No. After that, they force me to go. i struggle so much. I am really scare. I keep saying I don't want to go. But my classmate say are you curious it. I say well, I have a little curious about it. i decide go with them.

After half hour. We arrival to the front door. We push the door, we see so much dead body with their organ open. Our captain say" stay close".

We walk, walk and walk. We are starting to feel scare. We see a big room full of killing machine. we check those machine out. Suddenly, A bunch of killer come out. we got really scare. We started to run.

We run and run. we almost to the door, the killer clsoed the door. we keep running. After 20 minute. we all got caught. they put us in the killer room. They start to get ready for the tool for operation

After 10 minute. They start to cute open our body. I feel so painful. *Chop*, *Chop* and *Chop*. So painful. After 10 miunte, we all fainted. We died end up with our body open and with organ out. My story will end here. stay toon for more

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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