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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Story of horror chapter 1"Sanke Dimension"

Hi, my name is Alivn. I will tell you are story. About a dimension full of snake!!!! One day, I go shopping. But suddenly. I walk into a street and I through. i fainted, After awhile, i walke up. I find out this anither dimension. Full of darkness, creepy trees and empty.... That i never want to go. I say it jsut a dream. I slap myself. It is real. I really scared

I start to walk and walk. i see a village. I walked into the village. There have no people in the village. But I do feel sad in the village. I don't know why, i just know there ha ve somthing bad happen in this village. After walk and walk inside the village. I see people with half snake and half human kinda look like a peope to me. is really scare me... So i started to run. They see me running, they chase after me.

I run and run, They keep chasing after me. i fell down. They catch me. They took me to place like a palace. Then I see a giant snake human. I ask where am I. Snake king tell me I am in snake hell and tell me I already dead. Snake king to tell the guard to cut of my soul, I got killed. After that, Snake king it my soul. That the end of my story. Stay toon for more scary story.

Author: Mitsu
made up story, I use my real name in this story LOLZ

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