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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 7~my fan fiction~

After We got back to japan. I got swine flu, i got really sick. After 1 week, i recover from it Aika really happy that I cried out, i say"Is okay, I recover from it". Then my band have a new single release. We really busy about it. After 2 week, the single release. i really can rest

But there have alot of school est comnig up. i am tired like hell. After the test, I fainted again in home. i get to Hiatus again. After awhile. I have more test coming up. istudy hard with Aika

After all the test. I got all 100% again. But the result is I fainted in school again. Becasue of studying too hard. Aika say"you should really get a big rest". So I wnt on hiatus longer. Stay toon for more.

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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