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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 6~my fan fiction~

Well, last time, I talk about after the tour. i got a rest, but I got a new single to follow. i work really hard. After the single release. One day, I fainted in school and got in the hospital. The doctor tell me that I overworked.

So I got to on a hiatus. After 3 month, I got better. my relationship with Aika is unbreakable now. No one can despair us. Aika got a new solo song call" I love you". The solo is so sweet. Got my face totally red...... I fell so happy when I listen to the song

I broug two ticket go to Hawaii for travel. in Hawaii, we go to the beach and shopping. There have alot of thing that we being back to Japan. We take alot of sweet picture too.. we got alot of good memory between us, syay toon for more!!!

Author: Mitsu
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