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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 5~my fan fiction~

This is a sad time. it because recently one of my good friend died because of drug driver. That make me really sad. Aika trying to make me happy, After two week. I got happy again. i say"Thank you for helping me back", Aika say "you are welcome. it because you help me one and beside you are my boyfriend"

After that. My band got a first album. Our band getting alot of new fan. Aika conculation us for getting our first album. I really happy about the first album. Then, Morning Musume will having a tour arounf the japan, so we and Aika ready for the tour

On the tour. We have alot of fun. It because we can see our morning musume fan. But we get really tired. After the tour. we need a big refresh. So the producer. let us rest, don't need to work for awhile. But i still got my band work to do. it because we going to release a new single soon, stay toon for more

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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