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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 4~my fan fiction~

My band got a first concert, My first concert. The concert is really full, Our guest is Morning Musume and ViViD, That us a really fun concert to me, because I am the singer ^ ^. After that, I go eat with Aika, She say that" my voice really got improve". She ve say" I even copy her vocie". I say" Not really"

Next day after school, we went to shopping. I buy her a cute pair shoe and some cute dool. she really liked it^ ^.... One day, I go out with a whole gang of Morning Musume. i buy really cute doll again LOL, All the member of Morning Musume, say "I am sweet", I say"I am not that sweet, I still a newbiie", Ya, i am tring my best to be romanatic

A month later, There something happen in Aika's family. it because Aika's grandpa die, Aika feel so sad. I try to make her happy. But after a week or week lesser. She feel happy again. She say" Thanks for making me happy, when I am in my sad time"

To be countiune"

Author; Mitsu
Made up story

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