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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hade heart got melt by Athena love power Chapter 1

Hello. I'm Hade, God of Underworld. I was a really cool guys 3 year before. But once I start dating with Athena my heart just get melted. This is what happen.

3 year a ago! One day! I was at managing the people new come to the hell. I send them to difference hell by their publishment. But one of the person is not support to be here because someone wrote she will be hell for mistake. I went to the Mount Olympus and ask why. Zeus said "It is my mistake. Sorry". I replied back "No problem". i walked out and I see Athena. The god of strategy and war.

Athena said: Hello.

I said: Hello.

Athena asked me: Why are you at Mount Olympus

I say: Zeus made a mistake and I just talked with him and I got to go now.

I saw her face is red. I don't know understood her face is red because I am a really cold man that time. But I understand now. back to the story. 2 day later. Athena invited me to her place to have a party. I accepted and I decided to went to the party.

I went in to Athena's house for her party. Inside the house....

to be continue

Story by: Hade

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