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Friday, June 11, 2010

Forever love chapter 12

I wake the next day. I see Atsuko next to me. reading books.

Atsuko say: I cook you some breakfast.

*I walked out to the breakfast table*

Start eating the breakfast. The breakfast is jsut some rice, beef and some soup. After 25 minute. i finish my breakfast. I go to my disco.

When i get into the disco. I see Aika. All my man are down.

I ask: Why are you here?

Aika say: Why I am here because I am trying to get you back to our side.

I say: No thanks.

*Her man point a gun at my head*

I say: Come on. Just chill out. why don't be friendly with Our clan

Aika say: No. they are our enemy.

*The other gang boss man come in and i kicked off the man with the gun pointing at me*

Aika say: retrace.

*they walked all out the disco*

Atsuko ask: Are you ok?

I say: I am ok.

After that. we go to the meeting room

To be continue

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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