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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 16

Next day, I eat my breakfast first. After that. I get a call from Nacchan. She say that she want a go out with me. But I say to her I am busy and I call Erena ask her to go out and she say Yes. We go to the book store and look at some book. I buy 2 book cost me 10000 yen. After that. we walk to shopping mall... in the way. I see Nacchan and she ask me to join us. I don't know what to say

Nacchan say: Can i join you guy?

Erena say: No.

Nacchan say: Alvin say something

I say: Ummm.... ok you can join

*Erena look so angry*

In the shopping mall. We go a lot of store. I buy 2 big teddy bear, 3 handbang and some Music DVD... That cost me 2oooo yen. After that. We go to eat. I see Erena and Nacchan not talking that make me really worry. But I going to pretend I don't know.

After we are going to watch movie. We watch 2 movie. It ok I guess because those two really worry me. After the. we go eat dessert. I eat a lot of chocolate. it really tasty. That cost me 25000 yen. After that we go home. I walk Erena to home first.

I say: bye bye

Erena say: See you tomorrow.

After that. I walk Nacchan to home. in front of Nacchan home.

*Nacchan give me a kiss on the lip*

I ask: What that for?

*Nacchan run back to the house*

I walk back to the house and go to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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