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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 10

Next day. I wake up. I find out that. She us a rope tie my hand and my leg. I really susprise. I shout and call Hina in and I ask her why she do something like this to me.

I ask: Why are you do something like this to me?

Hina say: I don't want you to run away

*She licked my face*

*I never answer back*

*She un-tie the rope*

Hina say: i will un-tie the rope. Next time I will do that to you

*I didn't answer back*

I go to eat breakfast first. The breakfast is some soup and sushi. After the breakfast. She being me to a kung fu club

Hina say: you want a try?

I say: No thanks.

*Hina start to attack me*

*I try to dodge it*

*She punched on my face*

*I fall down and I start nosebleed*

Hina say: I am sorry.

She introduce the teacher to me. She tell me to start train. I say No to her because this is a Judo club. But I have no chose and start to pretend I don't know. After a while. The teacher pull her out and I secretly follow her. They start talking

The master say: He seem to know Judo. But I think it might be not true... It might be fake or he just hiding it.

Hina say: What!? No way!!! he such a scary cat and cry baby

The master say: It might be it. he get potential.

Hina say: That might be it.

*They walk out*

*I run back and start pretending again*

After 3 hour. I go back to Hina's house and She cook the food. After 30 minute. The dinner is ready. We go to eat. The dinner is yummy. After the dinner. I take a shower and go to sleep

To be conutiune

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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