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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extreme love 2 chapter 6

Next day. I wake up. She did the same thing to me. I really pissed off. But i didn't shout at her. I jsut go take a shower. Suddenly. Hina hugged me from the back. Hina help put the soap and help me washed off. After 30 minute. Shw help me dress up. This tiume I dress up at viviD ko-ki. She say I look cute.

After that. We eat our breakfast. The breakfast is some taco and a milk. After breakfast. She go clean the dishes. I go over to Mai.

I say: We should think of a plan soon

Mai say: I am working on it.

I say: Okay!!! I guess I work on it too.

5 minute later. Hina come out and she being me to a gun training center and wait for her. She start shooting the target. I see her every shot is almost in the center. I think this is hard to escape because her shooting skill is good. After 1 hour. She being me to the beach. i just sit there and watch the sky.

Hina ask: Why don't you play with me?

I say: I want to watch the blue sky. It is pretty.

*She sit back and watch the sky with me*

We watch the sky for few minute later. We not be carefully fell at sleep. 2 hour later. we wake up. After that. She being me to see Sayaka. Mariko and Suguri say that she being eating. i really glad and I feed the dinner to her and start feeding her.

I whisper: We are thinking of a plan now

Sayaka say: Okay!!! You look so cute.

* I start crying again*

*Sayaka white off my tear*

Sayaka say: Please don't cry. You such a cry baby. that why I love you.

I say: i will try not to cry

After that. i back to Hina's house and she start cooking. After 30 minute. The dinner is ready. The dinner is some vegetable and a bowl of rice. After the dinner. We eat some fruit and we take a shower. Go to sleep with Hina.

Story by: Mitsu
Made up story

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