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Friday, September 4, 2009

My girlfriend Erena chapter 4

Next day, we go to the outlet. We see alot of cute shirt, I buy lot of cute jean and shirt. Erena buy lot of Skirt and dresses. The stuff worse $450.

Erena say" I am sorry to use lot of your money."

I say" It's okay. You are my girlfriend." Her face turn all red

We go to see volcano in Hawaii. The lava is flowing. we say it is so cool. But is really hot.

I say" It is really cool."

Erena say" I know, but is really hot..."

Them we go check out some Hawaii goodies and buy some gift for our friend and family. We brought lot of stuff. Then we go back to the hotel.

Next day, We go to the airport and get ready to go back to Tokyo. When the plane take off.

I say" I will be back to live with you."

Erena say" you are so sweet." We hugged.

To be continue

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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