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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Extreme love chapter 4

Next day, I go in to the bar again. When I first go in. i get call by the leader. I go in and she give me some gun and being me to a gun training center. She say" I will training you as my helper." I think should I accept it.

She say" I know what you are thinking. You scare you will get shot. I will cover you. If it is really happen. I will die for you. It because I love you." i didn't say anything. Just thinking of Sayaka.

Then. I start shotting. i miss alot. She show me how good she is. I see her all hit almsot around the middle.

I say" thanks you for showing me."

Ai say" you are welcome, this is just the first time you will get better."

Ai say" want to come to my home." I have no choice only say yes.

She being me to her home. i see her home is big. there have alot of body guard. She get into the bed home with me. I see her have alot of gun and skeleton stuff. I feel dark her room.

Suddenly, She give a smoke tell me to try it. I say I don't wanna try it.

She say" you such a little baby. How cute." Then, She start to smoke into my face. I cough...

I say" Please don't do that is making me sick." She laugh.

Then, She give me a kiss on the lip. Then, I give her a deep kiss. It because my mission is get her to trush me. This keep like 6 minute. Her lip is so soft.

She say" you are good." My face turn all red...

Then, One of the body guard, yelled at us saying the dinner si ready. Then we go to the dinner table. There have a big candle and she tell everyone to back off. We start to eat. She start to ask me question.

She say" How old are you? I am 18."

I say" I am 16, why are you so young I through you like 20."

She say" I join the club when I am 15. what your hobbie?."

I say" Ummm... I like Music, drawing and computer."

She say" you are cute. I only like you and killing people."

She say" you are the cutest. I am so in love with you. But If you betray you. I will make you scream to dead."

I start to feel scare. Then I say" I will never betray you."

She say" good boy."

After that. I say good bye to her. Then, I go to see Reita.

To be countiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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