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Monday, August 10, 2009

Love Generation chapter 10(End)

Love Generation Chapter 10 (End)

After 3 week. There have alot of weird thing happen in the school, alot of the student is find dead. We find out their have a new secret school club call "Sucide club." We try to stop it. It because sucide is not a good thing to do. Most the people want to sucide because they break up with their boyfriends or girlfriend.

We try to stop the sucide club and tell them that break up is not a bad thing. you can find a new girlfriend. We try to stop them. we fail somemuch time.

But one day. I tell the teacher about the sucide club. we being them to the secret house of the sucide club. They see everything. Then they call the police and the get in jail.

Next few week. We been promte as the best club in the school
Princal: We find out the school have a sucide club
*Student look susprise*
Princal: But thanks to a club call" Love Generation"
Princal: We here to promote the club
Love Generation admin: Join us today. We teach you a tip when you break you will feel nothing and teach you some tip when you are dating
Then from that day on. There haave alot of people join us and after we graducate from the school. The club will still be on

The End

made up story


  1. I can't wait for more fanfic! Please update your blog! ^^

  2. ok! But i still don't have time yet, maybe later


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