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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shin the king of Dennou Remoe chapter 5~my fan fiction~

In the "Band versus band". Another call Nega. Our topic" is a soccer game", we and Nega say"That is fun". So we go to a soccer fieid. Then we start. After 2 hour, the game finish. we lose 2-3. we got publishment!!!

Our publishment is to drink all the Nega mixed soup. So Nega go buy some stuff. They buy roof beer, coke, lemon juice and Miso soup. Then we try it. It is so foul. But we drinked half. Then, the show is over. So we don't ned to drink it all. How lucky. That we got away.

After that, we and Nega is become pretty good friend seem the "Band versus band". After that, we decide to make another single call "Melody". When time is release. we got #3. Then we go on music fighter and made a comment. But even is #3. We still really happy smile.gif.

To be conutinue

Made up story

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