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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hand out with Sayumi for 1 day~my fan fiction~

well, this is a short story between me and sayumi. one time, i see sayumi is not hppy, She asked me. Can I hand out with her. I heard that. I totally say yes smile.gif. Well, we went to a big park. Get on those ride and have a crazy time.

We went on alot of ride. we go on fair wheel together. Then we go to shopping mall. Go shopping. Sayumi brough 1 pretty cute doll, 3 shirt and 5 cute ribbon. That costed me 25000 yen. I got headache. i almsot broke. At lease I make a girl happy smile.gif.

After that, we go watch 2 movie, that each movie take 3 per hour. Then we go to watch AKB48 stage in"Akb48 theatre". Then we go to eat, I costed 6500 yen. well, I still got 8500 yen, i still can buy thing for awhile, i hope that she don't waste all my money:(.

After we finish eating, we went into HWV. Buy music, Sayumi buy 5 CD that cost 6500 yen. Then we go home. After I help her get home. She say that she got feel better. From sad mood turn to happy mood, She really happy. Suddenly, She kiss me on the face. Then we say good bye.

One the way to home.My face is all red. After I bacl home. i calcate how much money i use and i fell, Well, in totally i usd 31500 yen, I left 2500 yen. I got to save money, i almost broke..... then, when to sleep. i watched the picture that i take with sayumi today, i still having a headache using alot of money, that make me almost broke. But I got a girl kiss me on the face

The end

Author: Mitsu
made up story

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