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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love Generation chapter 7~my created story~

After 2 week. We calmed down. Then there have 2 couple come in. Their name is Hinata Tanaka, Uzumaki Shinji and Takahashi Kisame. They joined our club. They say" That is okay you fail 1 time. take the lesson and you will do better Next time". We say "thanks you"

After a couple day. There have a girl come in. She ask how to get a guy name call Uchiha kira. Kira is the captain of chess club. We heard that je is really shy. So we advice her to try to talk to him and do attractive thing. Forget to tell her name, her name is Hirano Sakura.

One day, Sakura saw kira. Sakura say "hi". Kira say hi back, Sakura say" I ehard you like chess". He say yes back. Then sakura give him some flower. Then she ask "Will you be my boyfriend". He face turned red and slient for a few miunte. Then, Kira sy yes. Then she tell Kira about our club. We become friend. Stay toon for more.

To be contiune

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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