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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 2~my fan fiction~

After I become a visual kei star, she start to love me alot more. I start to show romanatic. I find out out. I got a new abitity is It will settle a thing easily. why I find out that.

It because. One day, I make a little joke on Aika(I don't mean to). Then, she got really mad at me. She start to shout at me. Then she understand is just a joke. So fast settle it down. So that why I find out, I got this abitity because of this argue. I can make her angry and settle her down it so fast, it is just like a stine to me, but this doesn't mean I always make fun of her, It just use for when she is angry!!!

Recently, Aika think I am so loveable. It because my fashion sense and my thinking is really got her. She startinbg to show jealous infront of my fans. LOL, she is my girlfriends. That true, she don't want me to get steal by other girl

To be countiue

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

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