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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 1~my fan fiction~

Hi, My name is Alvin, I start live in Tokyo, already have 1 year. Why I date with Aika, it because She is in my school, She almost have same hobby, we love each other so much
One day, I formed a visua kei band, Aika not agree at first, we shout

I say: I formed a visual kei band^ ^
Aika say: What!!! Do u know that Visual kei band is nasty
I say: Pls let me!!! I really love visual kei style
I say: I promise I don't smoke, drink and no ring(except earring)
Aika Say: Well seem you really want to do it!!!
Aika say: i let you do it, but remember what you promise

I Start to work on my visual kei band project, 5 month later, i turned to a really cute person, Have long hair that have 1 side get cover and always have a cat ribbon in my head, Aika get more love me, we turned to a really sweet pair, I know how to be more romanatic, she know how to control me.

To be conutiune

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