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Friday, July 17, 2009

I am dating Aika chapter 13(Last chapter)

Next six month. We go to China, France, England, Spain, Eqypt and korea. in korea. In korea, We go to a mountain to play ski. We stop in half way of the track and start to talk. I say" you give me a wonderful time". She say " you give a good time too". She start to cry. I say "Sorry that i go so early". I start to cry too.

After, We go back to tokyo. We eat our last candle dinner. We have a great time. I go back to the hospital. 1 week and 6 day later. It was my last day.

All my friend and parent is here. I ask the nurse for a gultar. I plugged in. I ask everyone to get out of the room except Aika. i want to share my last song before I go.

I start singing

Aika you are my first girlfriend
You give me a sweet time
You change me alot
I love you

You are my wonderful girlfriend
Thank you for your wonderful time

But i must leave now
I am sorry
To leave you alone

My spirite will be always with you
I will be always in your heart

After that I stop. i start to feel tired.

I whisper to her. Thank you for giving me a wonderful time, sorry I have to go now. But I will keep the memory forever. I love you forever

I closed my eye. i died on Jan.1, 12:00. After U dead. A few demon pull me into hell. I see the place is dark and scary. I fell really scare. But after I think about the memory I feel not scary again

The end

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

My lyric is own by me. DO NOT TAKE It...

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